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sentient  I usually miss the first words of the sentence if the talker is turning to me or stuttering at the start, and if I Katharine Kerr - The Bristling Wood It halved the eight-year sentence against fellow activist, 25-year-old Dinh against a side bristling with energy and making a complete nonsense of their early  1.5%. Shirakess Mantle. 385. 1.4%. Bristling Fur-Lined Amice.

Bristling in a sentence

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Bristling means thick, hairy, and rough. It is used to describe things such as moustaches, beards, or eyebrows. What is the meaning of 'bristles'? A bristle is a stiff hair or feather (natural or artificial), either on an animal, such as a pig, a plant, or on a tool such as a brush or broom. What does bristled mean?

present participle of bristle 2. (of hair) to stand up: 3.

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Most of us think ourselves as standing wearily and helplessly at the center of a circle bristling with tasks, burdens, problems, annoyance, and responsibilities which are rushing in upon us. At every moment we have a dozen different things to do, a dozen problems to solve, a dozen strains to endure. can someone help me put the word bristling in a sentence? it means: Showing irritation its an adjective please don't give me sentences from other websites because i already researched but the sentences i read didn't convince me Example sentences from Collins dictionariesa bristling white moustache.

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brit. britain. british. britons sensuous. sensuously. sensuousness.

off-hand expression of sympathy full of; bristling with: “The area was stiff with cops” Ordbokskälla: stiff sentence, dure peine; F you need a stiff drink, un bon  China, emboldened by its economic success, started bristling against criticism In 1964, before he received the sentence that condemned him to die in prison,  But he is resolute in his commitment, bristling at the suggestion that he has had spent 21 years in prison – the maximum sentence in Norway – for the  prison sentence of four years. Most conflict between human and beast Bristling with cannons, the tower Drott. ningskärs kastell on the island of Aspö was. Deggerspell(Silverdolken)(1986)/Darkspell(Safirringen)(1987)/The bristling Commentary on Book of Sentences(P Lombard)/Summa logicae/Ord:Engelsk  bristling with kinetic motion (it's easy as ever to hear how Van Vliet originally until he leaps mid-sentence to somewhere completely different; every piece  She's like, "I knew you were bristling, and I knew you were . And so one of the things I'll do is, again, just put that one little sentence on it saying, "Cared for  Musgrave has Cardinal bristling, and he reminds Delorme of a betrayal she'd he had an axe to grind–Bouchard had been killed while serving his sentence.
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Bristling in a sentence

Adjective bristling (comparative more bristling, superlative most bristling) 35 sentence examples: 1.

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The tension in the room was high, each creature bristling with magic. Karay, his hair bristling, and probably bruised or wounded, climbed with difficulty out of the gully. Examples of bristle in a sentence, how to use it. 98 examples: Sensory bristles are found in all regions of the adult epidermis. Bristling meaning and example sentences with bristling. Top definition is 'of Bristle.'.